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tv   Today  NBC  September 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this is what we tried to do yesterday. ♪ the only explanation >> we tried to play a karen carpenter song. ♪ you put me on the top of the world ♪ >> we were trying to find your all-time favorite, put you in a good mood song and you wanted it at the end of our show
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yesterday. >> it got a five-minute intro. and we never got to it. >> just had the greatest voice, didn't she? beautiful, beautiful. so silk. nobody ever gave richard his credit too because he was -- >> who was richard? >> see, her brother. they were the carpenters. he did all the arrangements. >> he did? >> brilliant guy. so it's thirsty thursday. we have a terrific show for you today. if you love before and after reveals, we got them for an entire hour. >> the guys from "flipping boston" are here. they stage and flip houses. they're going to show you how you can redo some of the rooms in your house. >> they're a lot of fun. a lot of celebrities like kim kardashian have revealed the secret to a flawless look is a
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makeup trick called contouring. >> and how to turn outfits from ordinary into extraordinary. she just gets them a little bit. >> there's been extraordinary coverage of the pope from cuba and also now to the united states. what breath of fresh air. >> he really is. >> what a day he put in yesterday. >> he's got to be exhausted. >> i felt so bad for him last night. he had to be propped up. he was so exhausted. >> well, he has been going nonstop. he's in d.c. arrived yesterday. he's there today. he's speaking to obviously the house and senate today. there have been so many interesting photos that popped up. >> he's so accessible. >> you can tell, he is so calm. everyone's reaping and wants a little bit of him. >> you know, they don't do it gently, they grip. >> you know why. >> they're so excited. >> their one time. >> be gentle with the pope, please. some people i thought were going to really maul him. >> well, the pope met bo and sunny. you may know these two.
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they're at the white house. the two white house pooches. one of the other great pictures we thought was -- there's this great shot of these nuns tailgating. er there waiting in the parking lot. because you never know. so they're having snacks. sitting in the back of the tailgate with the foldout chairs. >> it's the cutest. >> everybody ready. anyway, the pope's coming to new york this afternoon. he's going to be right across the street at st. patrick's cathedral. you can imagine what -- the gridlock in new york right now. >> closures are all over. >> and there's also the united nations going on at the same time. >> it's not a great day to come rolling through. >> unless you have a ticket, don't come to new york and take transportation -- public transportation. >> all right, so if you loved bridget jones. >> i liked the first one. >> well, there is now going to be a third installment. it's called bridget jones baby. if you read the books and you're like, oh, no, this is a terrible one because colin firth's character dies. well, he doesn't.
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he's alive and well and battling away. patrick dempsey's also in the cast. >> he's confirmed, he's in the cast. i'm glad he didn't just die on -- was it "grey's anatomy." alive and well, reasoning at pinewood studios in london. he said it's nice to be working in england. renee and colin are an absolute joy to work with. really like it there. >> it's going to be interesting because apparently renee zellweger, bridget jones, gets pregnant in her 40s. we don't know who the daddy is. maybe it's patrick dempsey. >> maybe they'll go on maury povich and find out. the movie will not be based off the third book so don't be expecting that. >> don't worry about it. >> what else? >> if you like angry birds, remember the game everyone used to play? >> not everyone. >> almost everyone used to play before they started playing -- >> another thing i never got invested in i don't miss. >> before candy crush. >> which i also don't play. >> you know what i do on candy crush? i go to level 300 on the candy
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crush soda version and i play it over and over and over again. that's my level. >> how do you have time, hoda? >> you know when i'm just waiting, i pull it out and just do it. it's fun. it passes the time. try level 300. it's not easy. >> well, they're making a movie into it. angry birds. i guess there's a trailer. they got some really great actors doing the voices. let's take a look at this trailer. >> hey, rex, how are you? oh, i'm horrible. >> when i get upset, i have been known to blow up. >> excuse me, party foul. >> i would love that. >> the character -- makes no sense to me. >> they're just angry birds. there's nothing to it. >> what are they angry about? >> they're just angry, okay. >> and actors, what is their motivation, what are they angry
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about? >> we're going to have to ask bill haider, maya rudolph. >> no, we're going to get maya. that's my prediction. >> get ready to double the cuteness. a photographer in london named sandy ford who did a series photos focused on newborn twins. she positions them once they're asleep. they're only days old. she found out because they were laying in their mother's womb together so close before, they're very easy to pose together. if you put them a little further apart, they always move back in closer together because it's just their natural -- look how gorgeous they are. look at -- >> oh! oh! >> just beautiful. they remind me of those anne geddes. i've never seen it with twins before. very sweet. who would like to be in an instant good mood? if it's i-hoda, that's going to be one of us. still, there is a song that i don't know if you're going to like it but i think you're going to love it.
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if karen car pepenter sings it,m going to love it. it's called "i don't like it, i love it." i don't like it, i love it. it's by flo rider. ♪ i don't like it ♪ i love love love it ♪ so good it hurts ♪ i don't mind it ♪ i got to have it ♪ >> here's the lyric you're going to love, ready? ♪ i can't find the words i just go ♪ ♪ do do do ♪ i don't like it oh ♪ i love it ♪ do do do do do ♪ i don't like it no ♪ i love it >> i get it. ♪ oh now turn the beat up ♪ hey now i'm glad to meet you >> right there. ♪ let's keep rocking >> okay.
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♪ all right all right ♪ ♪ i don't like it ♪ i love it >> i don't like it, i hate it, okay. >> wait a second. i knew -- you know what part i knee you'd particularly hate. something about -- i don't know the lyrics but ♪ do do do do do ♪ i don't know why they bother writing theling lyrics. just write "do do do" and everybody sings. >> not everyone. >> and you can find hoda there every monday and wednesday too. i want you to change it to thursday so we can start going back to theater. >> okay. >> you ruined our relationship. our friendship. we had lunch every wednesday. we went to a mant intinee. we bonded. and then what happened? >> you got a job. >> it's time to slide that to thursday. we have to talk about throwback thursdays. this is something you love. can't beat a good dickie. they're making a comeback just
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in time for fall and winter. >> why do you love them? >> because they -- as you age, they hide your neck and then as you sweat because you're menopausal, they're not -- really, you should start wearing these when you're about 45. because that's when you really -- >> you wear them under a blazer. >> or have a little peter pan dickie. >> how cute are you? that's adorable. so they're making a comeback? >> they were very popular in the '70s and '80s when i was. they're fake. you put a jacket or something over them. >> michael kors announced he was bringing them back. >> bring back fanny packs too please. >> here's the other thing it doesn't add bulk to your outfit. >> that's right, very slimming. coming up, the greenwich food and wine festival this weekend. a lot of fun. i'm going to be at the jay house tonight. for the greenwich food and wine festival. we're going to be serving my stuff. jeffrey will be there with me. the proceeds are going to
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benefit the hole in the wall gang, which is a fantastic paul newman thing. you and i are going to talk about, tomorrow, we're going to be togethered on saturday night. >> i can't wait. >> coming up, thinking about selling your home, then you may need to upgrade? >> some room redos to help you get top dollar. thank you, karen. right after this. and richard. not so long ago, on a street just around the corner... i'm home. hi dad the force was strong between father and son. you got it? what are you doing buddy? it's my ewok happy dance! of course it is. today... hello, hello. hey, daddy. it is passed on to a new generation. you got it? ewok dance? yeah. and the circle is now complete. walmart has always been the best place in the galaxy to get everyday low prices on star wars.
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♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace.
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we're kicking off our special show with a couple guys who know how to turn trash into treasure. >> the stars of "flipping boston" where they buy rundown properties and renovate them and sell them for a nice profit. they're here to show us how to boost the curb appeal and value of your home. >> are we starting in the kitchen? we heard a rumor. >> let's go. let's do the kitchen. ooh, yuck. >> the befores always shock me. >> what do we do -- >> even if you took everything off the counter? >> it would help but it's not what you want to do. >> 1970s. the things on top of the window. just screams 1970s. >> what do you do? >> ideally rip it out and do it all over again. >> you got new cabinets? >> these are new. >> how much? >> the cabinets here, about 3,500 bucks. granite, about 1,000. >> 5 grand for a small kitchen. >> you lost some -- not the
10:15 am
counters, yes, counter space. and you lost some cabinet space. >> we changed the layout. you can't see it in the picture but you really couldn't function correctly because the stove was up against you. now we made it straight. added a pantry. >> you put in wood floors or are those laminated? >> lawood floors. >> you can actually paint these cabinets, change the countertop, change the faucet. >> the hardware too. >> you know what's big now is the push closures. you can attach those right to the drawer. >> my mom has those. >> all right, let's move on to the living room, shall we? okay. >> ooh, that's pink. >> the pink room, remember this? >> pink and bronze. >> it was my happy place. >> we have to put him in there for time-outs. >> what did you do? >> large nursery? >> remember the chair rail we did last time we were together?
10:16 am
wainscoting. and paint. >> how much value have you added to this house with that? >> i would say thousands and thousands. >> what does it cost to go from carpet like that to hardwood? >> hardwood, anywhere from $7 to $12, depending on the material. >> it's what we do, nine times out of ten, underneath that rug, guess what i've got? >> hardwood floors. >> guy comes in, a buck a square, sands it, polys it. makes it beautiful. >> let's go wallpaper. wallpaper's a turnoff to people, right? >> oh, it's got to go. >> nothing dates your house. >> exactly. >> can i let you in on a little secret? this is my house. >> what? >> before. now let's see my house after. hello! >> is that seriously your house? >> that's my kitchen right there. >> every time i go in my kitchen, i do that. >> and he says thanks for designing it every day. >> that's beautiful. >> isn't that nice? >> pendant lighting here makes a big difference.
10:17 am
obviously it just changes everything. the island was there but there was nothing above there. so some cool pendant lighting. a bigger island. you can actually sit down here. and colors. it just neutralized everything. >> we've got some -- >> and the colors. >> all right, i'm in, i'm in, i'm in. >> where are we at, over here? which side are we on? >> be careful, you see the -- >> remember last time, right? >> back up. >> talk him through. >> ideally, you want to prime this wall with a primer. he's priming it with the same paint right now. >> what are we trying to do? >> we're going to do a suede finish. >> suede. >> it looks like real suede. the key is, you want to get some color on the wall, get some primer on the wall. the first coat, just so you know, it looks horrible. when you do the first coat, don't be like, oh, my god, it looks -- it looks horrible. the second coat is when you start putting in the magic. >> okay. >> i'm good at this. >> no, wait a minute, someone's got to try this. ready?
10:18 am
second coat. you start doing this. >> all right, i'm out. >> this is just right on top? >> crisscross, right on top. >> no more paint? >> and you don't want to make it wet, you just want to keep on drying it. the more you dry it -- >> what? >> that really does look cool. >> when you put the lights on it, it almost looks like a museum-type quality. hang some pictures on there. get some depth. >> that's fun. >> look at you. >> you guys, thank you. >> look at you. >> beautiful. >> all right, guys, thank you so much. if you want a slimmer looking nose and a more defined -- a little contouring. >> sure. >> right after this. across america, people... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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it's the beauty technique once reserved for runways and the red carpet, but contouring has gone mainstream thanks to social media. >> you've seen a lot of celebrities like kim kardashian posting selfies using makeup to sculpt their face. >> revealing the secrets to contouring is beauty expert and founder. >> hi, how are you? >> so the proof's in the pudding. you have a before and after of yourself doing that kind of contouring. did you -- let's see what you did here. >> you can see here, this is a full-face contour. i use the contour products to really sculpt and define my
10:23 am
cheeks. make my nose look a little bit more narrow. make the jawline look a little more defined. this takes a lot more time than your everyday contour. >> are there basic tips people can use? >> exactly, yes. nobody has time every single day to be using these fancy, fancy contour products but we all want to make our face looked sculpted and defined. ten ha it enhanses the features you want to pop on your face. what i actually used for that was a brown eye shadow which is something everyone has at home and you don't have to go buy. there's all these fancy products you can buy. but you can just use brown eye shadow. >> why do you put it on your forehead? >> these are the key places. it's the hollows of your cheeks. you know that duck face you always do on instagram. and if you put it on your forehead and jawline, those are the parts of your face that look a little more narrow.
10:24 am
>> what about the nose? >> the nose is a big one so it definitely helps -- >> whatever, mine's not that big. >> once you put the brown eye shadow on these parts of your face, you want to highlight and illuminate five key parts of your face. i'm just using a white shimmering eye shadow. you want these parts of your face to pop. so you put it on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose right here, under your eyebrows and then the bow of your lip and a little bit on the chin. this is a little bit white eye shadow. >> it sort of does pop out. >> it seems like it's pretty easy to do. >> super easy to do. blending is key. key. >> make sure it's blended. >> all right, how to get all the clutter out of your closet. >> coming up after your local news. is here. the smart way to save on pretty much anything. it's the biggest thing in shopping since... credit cards.
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in the hospital with burns after an early morning house fire in vallejo. it happened a little after 4 one person is in the hospital this morning with burns after an early morning house fire in vallejo. this happened a little after 4:00 this morning, half mile east of interstate 80. crews say most of the fire is contained to the front half of the home. it was just enormous. the cause is under investigation.
10:27 am
today's congressional visit by pope francis drew crowds and made history. here in the bay area, catholics held special viewing parties to celebrate the pope's address. at san jose's all girl presentation high school, students and teachers gathered in the gym to watch the event over breakfast. weather and traffic right after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. waking up to clouds this morning.
10:29 am
time lapse motion beach. midlevel clouds filtered on out. now looking at blue skies, high level clouds in place. temperatures warming to the low 70s for most of us. in the 50s in san francisco. later on today, nice in the city, 76 degrees. little warmer as you get down the peninsula to the east bay. looking at mid-80s there. near 90 for the south bay. low to mid-90s for the trivalley. talk about a cooling trend, coming up at 11:00. talk about that drive. >> it looks great in the city. it will get better. look how slow 880 is, late in the commute for this to be happening. things start to sort themselves out. had lanes blocked here. great america parkway. 20 minutes ago, now we see that recovery and it is starting to move back in toward the lower part of 880 and moves back just north of mission. smoother drive north except past the airport. that's typical for 101. tail end of 84, dumbarton bridge slow. bay bridge toll plaza nearing
10:30 am
lagts a s lights are on. no big problems. lots to tell you about on our 11:00 newscast. we'll see you then. we've got so much more of our special before and after show. we were learning how to contour with makeup. >> we want to show you what our model looks like now after the contouring. you can really see what a little bit of contouring changes, right? amazing. >> beautiful to begin with though. >> yes, she was. now, clearing the clutter. a recent "wall street journal" article found on average we only wear 20% of the clothes in our closet. >> you keep wearing what you love over and over. everything else just sits there. >> if your closet looks anything like this. yeah, that's hoda's. no wonder most of our wardrobe never sees the light of day. >> the easy ways to bust that
10:31 am
cluster out. we saw that before picture. it looks a little crowded. >> a little crowded. the after picture looks amazing. there are a ton of tips we can take from amy's closet and transfer into -- >> that's the same space? >> the same space. just took some doors off. added some doors on a barn door track. you could see the whole expanse. >> it does make you feel better looking at the other. >> all right so what can we do? >> so the first rule when cleaning out your own closet is to work in sections. you don't want to overwhelm yourself by starting all in one big pile. so take from the top. and then you assess what you want to keep and what you want to donate. >> that can be hard sometimes. >> it can be really hard. sometimes it's good to have a friend with you and make those hard decisionings. >> if you haven't worn it in the last six months. >> six months to a year i'd say. >> get some hefty bags, give it away. >> once you're putting things back in the closet, we like visual organization. we put them back in according to use. we have our work wardrobe on
10:32 am
these white hangers. casual on black hangers. we've added a second rod, so you can hang blouses above, pants and skirts below and really maximize that vertical space. >> by the way, those hangers are awesome. if you have a whole bunch of the wire ones or the other big clunky ones. >> nothing will fall off these. >> look at the pants on the bottom. you folded them so they're not dragging. >> you definitely want the more durable, the jeans can do it. just be aware of the material they're made out of. leave yourself some space to hang longer stuff as well. the more formal atetire to the side. >> what about shoes and stuff? >> we love these cubby systems from the container store. it really helps curb a shopping habit. no open space means you shouldn't bring in another pair of shoes. >> not everything's going to fit inside your closet. consider taking some things outside and making a little dressing area in your room with a full-sized mirror, a tabletop
10:33 am
with some trinket trays for jewelry and even a hamper so you have a nice dressing area. >> look at these. i would like these, you know why? because you can see in them. >> more casual clothing is better folded. so you might want to just slide one of those right in there and that's helpful as well. one of my favorite tips is to really just add some pizazz to your space. give it a little boutiquey look. your closet is a little bit of a room within your home. this is chasing paper temporary wallpaper. it's kind of like contact paper. you can add it on the interior. once all those clothes are out you decided to get rid of, put these on the back wall. if you decide to move or you're renting, you just peel it off when you're done. >> good idea. >> all good. >> thanks, sweetie. >> how to turn your overprocessed summer hair into a main attraction for fall. >> and lilliana vasquez gives us some fashion upgrades coming up right after this. how cute is she? >> so cute. (sarah) we get our speed from
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all right, we all have items in our closet that are ready for retirement, but the problem is, we're not ready to get rid of them. so if you're stuck in a fashion rut, you need a new look, this one's going to be for you. >> four lucky fans are about to get a fashion upgrade. here to give it to them is our friend, style expert and editor of the lv she's lilliana vasquez. hello, girl.
10:39 am
>> you have another thing going, is this new? >> no this is my blog i do every week. it's just like a great place to get affordable find. we're translating some of that here today. >> we're talking about sometimes we cannot bear to part with things we love. >> sentimental reasons. >> sentimental reasons. and spending a lot of money on something that was maybe on sale that you don't want to throw away. there's a lot of excuses for keeping old clothes that don't fit. >> lisa is somebody who kept some old clothes. she had some old gym clothings that you were not a huge fan of. tell us why. >> i think it was just an all around bad fit for her. she's in incredible shape. she's got this fabulous body i wanted her to show off. that sweatshirt you see tied around her waste, she's had since college. she said it's soft, it's comfortable. she doesn't want to throw it away. i'm totally with her. i have those things too. >> let's see what lilliana did to you. oh, i'm sorry. so cute. >> right? >> right, chirpy and happy. >> adorable. >> is it okay if i put these
10:40 am
aside for now? >> yes. >> okay. >> those are gone. >> this entire head to toe look is from express corps. i love color. i think when you're righting bright colors like this, it motivates you to feel good about yourself. nothing motivates you to get to the gym like when you look good in gym clothes. what i like about the shirt, it's a two in one. the sports bra is built into the tank type which also saves you money because you don't have to buy two pieces. great sneakers. she is ready to hit the gym in style. >> thank you, honey, thanks so much. all right, next, you found felicia. >> felicia. >> she is a print addict. >> there's only one print she loves. >> she has print underwear, we heard. >> i think she has leopard print everything in her closet. so what we wanted to do is show her a more so fit date ephistic do leopard. >> let's see what -- oh, just a
10:41 am
little touch. >> can you spot it, kathie? >> we gave her a snow leopard in the shoe. >> i love the snow leopard. >> so sleek and sophisticated. what do you think? can we maybe put this aside for now? what we do is a classic white dress. gave her a little detail there. great cardcardigan. and it's really all about the snow leopard meal. she can slide it on. it's a cute trend in fashion. really comfortable. i think for her, it's really about just overall sleek and sophisticated. >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> do you miss your print? >> do you miss your old leopard? >> that can go. i love these shoes. >> all right, thank you. all right. now, we need -- we have a couple of people who needed help in the denim department. kate and casey were into their jeans. >> so into their jeans.
10:42 am
>> and then casey, in what i like to call his dad jeans. but he's not a dad. we needed to get him out of the dad jeans. >> let's see what you did with that jean look. come on out, you two crazy kids. >> oh, cute. >> how great do they look? >> here they are in kind of head to toe sleek denim. let's start with cat. she wanted a classic blue. no distress. a little preppy top. she lop loves denim so much. i just got gene jeans that fit instead of three sizes too big. he's so young, we wanted to be playful with his outfit. i have your jeans here. i know you love these, okay, you can't wear them out of the house. casey, these don't fit you. >> all right. you guys like your new look? >> yes, i just feel like cinder-fella. >> come on out, everybody. >> so cute. >> great job, lilliana.
10:43 am
they look great. >> thanks, everybody. >> he is a cut above the rest. >> celebrity stylist harry josh shows you how to transform your summer hair for the new season. after this. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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fall is just a few weeks away. can you believe it? it's a great chance to revamp your hair for the season. >> just check out amy poehler's different style. or maybe jennifer lawrence or, you know, you. >> i've gone through a couple of hair transformations. >> you know what, that was unnecessary. >> unkind but funny. here to help make over your mane fall. hi, how are you? you've brought some mystery women. >> i did. you know what, transformation has never been easier. doing one strong impactful thing
10:49 am
can make such a big difference. you're going to -- we're going to go through all our models and tell you what made the difference. megan's hair, as you can see, she basically always wears her hair back. she wears it up a lot for the summer. i really wanted to do something. she wanted to throw it up. this is a big thing with women. they want to change but they don't want to lose their length. so that being said, the best way to really recreation and revamp a look without losing an inch of length is bangs. for the reveal. beautiful way to frame her face. this is really nice. totally reminiscent of julie christie, the things we saw in the '60s. it allows her to have versatility. allows her to wear her hair up in a ponytail. no matter what she does, she has a look. >> you like a piecy -- not
10:50 am
straight bangs at all. >> very important for me to tell her this was going to be a soft rounded bang. the blunt is really hard to pull off unless you're 17. and even then, you probably couldn't do it. >> yeah, megan loves it. >> michelle is next. talk about people with big curly hair. here we go. someone with naturally curly hair who really struggles with it every day, having to watch it, air dry it. it never stays smooth and frizz free. if you invest the time and spend actually -- i'm going to blow everyone one away here, an hour, blow drying it and -- your hair will last five to six days easy. >> five to six? >> easily. this kind of hair never, ever, ever gets course. it has lots of texture. this is a total style answer it formation only by heating heat and a curling iron.
10:51 am
when you think about the investment for one day, you're like, that's a lot of my commitment. then knowing every day when you wake up. >> even if you're working out. >> we talked about that. if you're going to sweat like crazy. but if you really want to have your hair look great. think about that. even this weekend when we did it on friday, she's like, i'm not going to go to the beach this weekend. i love my hair. >> the sacrifices we make. >> really think about that women, transforming texture can make a big difference without having to cut anything or color. >> one of our own. one of our producers is here. let's talk with her before picture. >> kristin's got that beautiful silky healthy hair. healthy hair, really everyone loves it and wants it. the thing is, it's a one trick pony. it's always shiny, slippery and healthy. sometimes there's no versatility with that. women want different texture. this is going to be a shock because she never, ever colored her hair in her whole life. all i did was natural hair lights she'll only have to do three types a year. >> wow, nice.
10:52 am
>> so much more body too. >> i know if she ever used a curling iron before it would never hold the shape. so allowing her to have this versatility, allowing her to have -- >> i love it like that. >> this is no pieces, just her own hair. you can see how natural the highlights are. we're not doing a ton. we're just doing the most important pieces. you can see, right here, if we did a close-up of her roots, this is natural color. it's all growing out. enjoy the life of coloring. >> speaking of a lot of time. okay. thank you very much. thank you. that was great. our favorite things are just a moment away. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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time for our favorite things. my nails were about destroyed from having gels on them.
10:56 am
i said i want healthy nails again. jackie, my manager, has found this stuff. it's vitray nail repair treatment. it's $22.95. you can get it at or french cosmetics for in one month, feel my nails now. >> oh, my gosh. >> came back so strong. this stuff's amazing. >> i want to get that. >> mine is something andy cohen gave something both me and you. if you're not sure whether you should have wine or a martini, why don't you get a glass that has both? it's called vino-tini. if you want a martini, you drink it this way. if you want some wine, you drink it that way. >> what if you want both? >> it says mazel because it came from andy cohen. a martini. no, wait, wine. all right. tomorrow, our best of celebrity game. >> lots of big stars. check out this lineup. darius rucker, anna kendrick,
10:57 am
jenna mccarthy and hailee steinfelt. >> and all kinds of other stuff. >> bye, have a great day.
10:58 am
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can make a difference. i'm sure. applause runs :08 kris/cont.vo right now at 11: a speech that i'm convinced that we can make a difference. i'm sure. [ applause ] right now at 11:00, a speech that brought lawmakers to tears. an historic address and simple message from the pope this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. thousands of people crowded the national mall today to see pope francis after he gave that monumental speech before congress. he addressed everything from immigration to the death penalty and even brought several lawmakers to tears. >> we have been tracking the pontal


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